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Used Treadmills

Used Treadmills

Should I Buy Used Treadmills ?

Buying  used treadmills can be good idea if you know the history of the treadmill and how many kilometres it has travelled. 

Unlike cars which have an odomoter and you can see exactly how much the car has been used buying a treadmill comes down to how honest the person selling it is as there is no way to tell how much it has been used.

A good sign to look for is the treadmill belt loose or stretched ? This is a good sign the treadmill has seen lots of activity and should be avoided.

Avoid buying a used treadmill from large fitness chains such as fitness first who have large second hand warehouses selling used treadmills as the motor in the treadmill has done thousands of kilometres and may be reconditioned .

You should also look for new treadmills on sale where you can buy a brand new treadmill for close to the price of used treadmills.

Check out the Boomer XT Treadmill here for only $449 which is a brand new treadmill at Used Treadmill Prices.


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